Auxiliary sciences of history
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Contents. V. 1, 1979
General theoretical researches 9
Some theoretical problems of the contemporary historical science 11
Kancho Georgiev History and ist sources. Auxiliary historical disciplines 22
Antoaneta Todorova On the typology of the sources for the historiographical research [summary русс., deutsch] 86
Andrey Paterinski History and sociology (theoretical and source-study aspects of the integration) [summary русс., deutsch] 106
Concrete researches
Ljudmila Zhyvkova The London tetraevangella of tsar Ivan Alexander from 1356 [summary русс., deutsch] 145
Penyu Russev Documentary and artistic value in the medieval written records [summary русс., deutsch] 157
Bozhidar Raikov The bulgarian palaeography as an auxiliary historical discipline and a view on the problem about the origin and author ship of the bulgarian alphabets [summary русс., deutsch] 176
Peter Koledarov The historical geography and ist tasks in Bulgaria [summary русс., deutsch] 190
Kirila Vazvazova-Karateodorova A contribution to the history of the bulgarian sphragistics during the renaissance [summary русс., deutsch] 210
Anna Roshkovska The glyptics of the bulgarian national revival as a source of historical information [summary русс., deutsch] 226
Kuyo Kuev New transcripts of the "churche saga" by Konstantin Preslavski [summary русс. , deutsch] 247
Bonyu Angelov Archaeographical contributions. Brief notes on ancient bulgarian manucripts and bookman. "Ode in honour of J. Iv. Venelin by Georgi Peshakov [summary русс., deutsch] 69
Michail Jonov The foreign travel notes as a source for the history of the bulgarian lands [summary русс., deutsch] 284
Elena Boyadjieva Qualification systems and thezauruses in the historical science [summary русс., deutsch] 311
Nikolay Genchev, Antoaneta Todorova The auxiliary historical disciplines and the highereducation on history [summary русс., deutsch] 334
Asparuch Velkov New photographic methods for reproducation from public records [summary русс., deutsch] 351
In the study of the scientist
An interview with academician D. Kossev 357
Scientific news 365
Chronicle 384
Contents. V. 2, 1980
General theoretical researches 5
Kancho Georgiev The subjective factor in the historical knowledge (from gnosiological to source- study aspects of the problem) [summary русс., deutsch] 7
Alexander Foll Interpretatio thracica [summary русс., deutsch] 60
Helmut Lötske (GDR) Problems of the marxist-leninist source study and criticism of the sources [summary русс., deutsch] 75
The auxiuary historical disciplines in the other countrles 97
Sigurt Shmidt (USSR) The newest works of the soviet scientists in the field of the archaeography, the archival science, the source-study and the special disciplines of the national history [summary русс., deutsch] 99
Bernd Rjudiger (GDR) Researches in the field of the source-study and the auxiliary historical disciplines in the GDR [summary русс., deutsch] 130
Concrete researches 165
Hana Hinkova (CHSR) Unpublished travel diaries of Jakob fon Betzek abaut Bulgaria in XVI c. [summary русс., deutsch] 167
Miroslav Zafirov Preliminary notes to the question of the spreading of the paper in Bulgaria in XIII-XIV [summary русс., deutsch] 180
Slavka Draganova Osman-turkish registers about the village in the middle of the XIX c. As historical sources [summary русс., deutsch] 204
Andrey Paterinski The language, the oral tradition and the oral sources in the historical knowledge [summary русс., deutsch] 221
Reports 235
Bozhidar Raykov Notes to the history of the bulgarian cryptography [summary русс., deutsch] 237
In honor of Nichola Mihov 243
Veselin Traykov The scientific work of dr. N. Mihov [summary русс., deutsch] 245
Ljuben Berov The works of N.Mihov as a source for the economic history [summary русс., deutsch] 26o
In the study of the scientist 271
An interview with academician Christo Christov 273
Books reviews 283
Cyril Ezhkov (GDR) Karl-Georg Faber, theorie der geschichtswissenschaft, Munchen: verlag c. h., 1974, 265 w. 285
Auxiliary historical science. V. 3, 1981
Ivan Douichev Thirteen century anniversary of bulgarian state 5
General theoretical researches 9
Cyril Vasilev History and ideology [summary русс., deutsch] 11
Zhelyasko Stoyanov Fact-fixing knowledges in the structure of historic study [summary русс., deutsch] 35
Concrete researches 59
Aksinia Dzurova Script materials and means of writing [summary русс., deutsch] 61
Elena Kotzeva Referring to the subject of paleographic characteristics of cyrillic scripts during X-XIII centuries [summary russian., deutsch] 68
Boryana Velcheva Referring to one cyrillic copy in assemaniev gospel [summary русс., deutsch] 94
Margarita Kiskinova Joseph Simonius Assemanus - an investigator of the bulgarian past (life and work) [summary русс., deutsch] 100
Cecilia Dimitrova-Chudilova Bulgarian medieval numismatics-history of the investigations [summary русс., deutsch] 119
Asparuch Velkov On diplomatic-paleographic study of ottoman-turkish archives sources [summary русс., deutsch] 133
Bistra Tzvetkova Ottoman-turkish sources of haidouk movement in XV-XVIII centuries [summary русс., deutsch] 157
Catrine Venedikova Names connected with bulgarians in Asia Minor in XI c. in one literary monument [summary русс., deutsch] 173
Anna Roshkovska The theme of patriotism in fine arts in the renaissance period as historical source [summary русс., deutsch] 183
Alexander Velichkov Some aspects of the application of fact analysis and graphic modelling in historic research [summary русс., deutsch] 199
Andrey Paterinski Some theoretical aspects of the application of statistic methods in the property differentiation study [summary русс., deutsch] 218
Christo Ionkov Social and class structure of revolutionary committees in April ribellion 1876 (sociological study) [summary русс., deutsch] 242
Lidia Manolova Scientific information to assist the study of bulgarian history under socialism [summary русс., deutsch] 267
Antoaneta Todorova Scientific periodical as historiografical source [summary русс., deutsch] 281
In explorer's working laboratory 291
An interview with academician Dimiter Angelov
Books reviews 301
Valery Stoyanov A new contribution to islam diplomacy 303
Augustina Magaeva New research on the problems of source-study 307
Scientific life 309
Antoaneta Todorova National conference devoted to the problems of history auxiliary disciplines (Sofia 28-29 nov.) 311
Margarita Kiskinova Seminar on latin paleography and diplomacy (Rome 20 nov.- 14 dec. 1979) 314
Contents. V. 4, 1986
General theoretical research
Hristo Hristov Bulgarian history and its sources [summary русс., deutsch] 5
Olga Medushevskaya Theoretical problems of historical source study [summary русс., deutsch] 11
Zhelyazko Stoyanov The objective and the subjective in historical sources [summary русс., deutsch] 24
Antoaneta Zapryanova-Todorova On the gnosiological status of the historical document [summary русс., deutsch] 42
Concrete research
Hristo Dermendjiev The significance of heraldry as auxiliary historical discipline and its place in historical science [summary русс., deutsch] 55
Jordan Zaimov Problems of onomastics [summary русс., deutsch] 104
Mariana Dimitrova From the codicological-palaeographic problems of mediaeval bulgarian manuscripts (manuscript q. n. i. 56 - state library "Saltykov-Shchedrin" [summary русс., deutsch] 115
Vasilka Tapkova-Zaimova, Mihail Voynov, Lyubomir Yonchev Problems of the publication of mediaeval sources about bulgarian history [summary русс., deutsch] 147
Peter Koledarov Mediaeval maps as a source about bulgarian history [summary русс., deutsch] 152
Bistra Cvetkova Ottomanish sources about the bulgarian historical science [summary русс., deutsch] 183
Valery Stoyanov Some considerations in defining the periods in the development of ottoman palaeography and diplomatics [summary русс., deutsch] 197
Joanna Spisarevska Newly-discovered Dubrovnik documents about bulgarian history in the archives of the congregation "de propaganda fide" [summary русс., deutsch] 204
Iliya Todorov Computers in textological research [summary русс., deutsch] 216
Auxiliary historical disciplines in other countries
Andrej Grabski (Poland) Joachim Lelewel and the development of auxiliary historical disciplines in Poland [summary русс., deutsch] 227
Damian Bogdan (Rumania) The development of the auxiliary historical disciplines in Rumania [summary русс., deutsch] 243
Avgustina Magaeva The auxiliary historical disciplines in the journal Voprosy Istorii (problems of history) (1965-1980) [summary русс., deutsch] 281
In the creative laboratory of the researcher
Interview with professor Efrem Karanfilov, corresponding member of the Bulgarian academy of sciences 293
Book reviews
Lidya Cholpanova A valuable contribution to the field of slav paleography and diplomacy 298
Antoaneta Zapryanova-Todorova The bulgarian manuscript book - a source about the history of Bulgaria 308
Content т. V, 1991
Auxiliary historical disciplines
Kancho Georgiev Linguistic aspects of the sources critics [summary русс., deutsch] 5
Concrete researches
Dan Berindej (Rumania) Genealogy in the Modern World [summary русс., deutsch] 55
Ivan Hlavacek (Tschechoslowakei) To the issue About The subject of codicology [summary русс., deutsch] 67
Cvete Lazova, Iris von Bredow Teoretical and Technical Problems in Publication of Sources of the History of Thracs in the late Antiquity [summary русс., deutsch] 77
Axinija Dzurova The impact of the Latin?Roman Tradition on Bulgarian Manuscripts in the Period of the Union [summary русс., deutsch] 89
Bistra Nikolova Marginal Notes in Bulgarian Hand-Writen books X-XIV Century [summary русс., deutsch] 98
Sesilija Dimitrova-Cudilova Concerning some questions about the coinage of Ivan Shishman (1371-1393) (according to data from the Treasury) [summary русс., deutsch] 113
Nadja Danova Greek sources about Bulgarian history XV-XIX Century - State and Perspectives of their researching [summary русс., deutsch] 123
Bojan Besevliev Old Geographic Maps until XIX Century as a Source of History of Historical geography of Bulgarian lands [summary русс., deutsch] 129
Darinka Karadzova Decorations in the Manuscripts from the Kotel Literary Centre през XVIII век [summary русс., deutsch] 140
Valeri Stoyanov Notifications"nišān" и "sebeb-i taḥrīr" in the Ottoman-turkish sultan's documents [summary русс., deutsch] 172
Catrine Venedikova Epigraphic Monuments in the Rodopa region from Ottoman time [summary русс., deutsch] 198
Slavka Draganova Two Ottoman documents about the history of the Danube Vilayet [summary русс., deutsch] 226
Maria Galanova Sources for Ethnopsychological researces [summary русс., deutsch] 230
Emilija Kostova Development of the Retrospective Bibliography of the Bulgarian History [summary русс., deutsch] 243
In the study of the scientist
Acad. D.S.Lihachov for the Auxiliary Historical Science 257
[Antoaneta Zapryanova-Todorova] Interwiew with Prof. Alexander Foll 260
In memoriam [Academic Ivan Douichev] 262
Abbreviations 265
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