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        The Institute of History at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences is a major scientific centre for fundamental and specialized research of problems of Bulgarian history as well as issues of general history. The institute coordinates the scientific research into these problems that is carried out throughout the country. It publishes the multiple-volume History of Bulgaria [История на България] and Sources of Bulgarian History [Извори за българската история] (including Greek, Latin, Turkish, German, Czechoslovakian and Hebrew sources of Bulgarian history). The institute publishes the periodicals Bulletin of the Institute of History [Известия на Института по история], Studies on Bulgarian History [Изследвания по българска история], Auxiliary Historical Disciplines [Помощни исторически дисциплини], Etudes Historiques, Byzantinobulgarica, as well as the academic journals Bulgarian Historical Review and Historical Review [Исторически преглед].
        The Institute of History was founded in 1947. Many of the most renowned Bulgarian scholars of history, who have gained international recognition, have worked in it: Academician Ivan Snegarov, Academician Ivan Duychev, Academician Dimitar Angelov, Academician Dimitar Kossev, Academician Hristo Hristov, Prof. Alexander Bourmov, Prof. Ivan Undzhiev, Prof. Hristo Gandev, Prof. Kroumka Sharova, Prof. Virginia Paskaleva, Prof. Vera Moutafchieva, Academician Konstantin Kossev, etc.
        The Institute of History works in the field of theoretical and specialized problems of Bulgarian national, political, social, religious and cultural history from the establishment of the Bulgarian state to the present day, as well as on problems of world history and international relations. The comparative-historical investigation of Bulgaria’s role and place in the general historical process, of the contributions of the Bulgarian nation to the cultural treasury of mankind are the main directions of scientific research in the Institute of History.
        Bulgarian people’s arduous journey through history, its struggles for national independence, the National Issue, the problems of the Bulgarians who remained outside the borders of the Bulgarian State, the repercussions of historical development on the contemporary fate of Bulgarians and the assertion of our national identity have been the areas of extensive historical investigation for many generations of historians.
        Scholars from the Institute of History have provided their assistance as experts in the development of projects for agencies and institutions of the Bulgarian State, international projects and programmes, for mass media programmes, the film industry, etc.
        More about the history of the Institute >> Half a Century since the Establishment of  the Institute of History at the BAS (by Corresponding Member Georgi Markov).

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